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Contact Me

Hello, I'm Leif Harbidge

Feel free to email me your questions. It is my pleasure to help you where I can.

To order your personalized whip:

Phone/Text: 780-507-9491 

Currently, I am living in northern Alberta Canada where I teach horsemanship and start colts along with my whip making.

Ever since I can remember I have  loved doing things with my hands, and making things.

When I was 7, I learned from an elderly friend how to plait four strands. I began making whips from just 4 strings.  They hardly cracked but I was satisfied for the time being.  Several years later I learned how to make a more complicated whip with two or more layers and plait with any given number of strings. Since then I have never been satisfied with mediocre cracking and looking whips.  I work at designing new styles that are above and beyond the norm.  I have being constructing nylon whips for the past few years as my trade and personal enjoyment, which is usually about 5 to 6 days a week.

My goal is to provide you with the best nylon whips possible, so if you aren't satisfied with one then let me know.

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