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Would like to thank you for your dedication to quality and willingness to make adjustments to the thongs to fit my needs. The seven foot bullwhip still brings compliments and even more if I let them use it. The plaiting is straight and tight after breakin and the action only gets better. The cowwhips are going to make a great addition and are just beautiful. I did take the cowwhip handles and loaded them with wax ,which seems to have worked well. Will be buying more and have no fear of sending my associates to you. Your whips are worth the wait.

Thanks Budd Schardt

 Hello my friend,

Yes I have my whip and I would like to say thank you again. The whip is awesome and I've had numerous people comment on how well made the whip is.I think the whip is beautifully hand made to a high standard and I'm really pleased I found Alpine whips on a google search and I highly recommend them if your looking for a personalised whip. Getting a deal done with Alpine whips was very easy, Leif replied to my emails very quickly, the whip was made as requsted and delivered in quick time. I look forward to learning more techniques with the whip that I can then hopefully teach to other members of Three Family Fist Kung Fu (UK)www.threefamilyfist.com
Kind Regards
Gary Brown (UK)
Three Family Fist Kung Fu

 I just wantted to say how pleased I am with the whip I bought from Leif at Alpinewhips. I got into the bullwhip scene recently and wantted one that was moderately inexpensive but would last and serve my purpose, my purpose being to have a loud crack. I was nervous at first but as soon as did my first overhead crack any and all doubts vanished. Anyone starting out who wants a whip with a good feel and a nice loud crack I would highly recommend Alpine Whips.

Static Petrova


I am new to whips and a beginner at whip cracking. I recently purchased a 7 foot nylon bull whip from Alpine Whips. Leif was very helpful and answered all of my questions. My whip was ready really quick and is way better than I could have hoped. The customer service and quality craftsmanship are top notch!

Thanks again and happy whipping!! 



Thanks Leif...your whip was exactly what I needed to learn the art of cracking...I really appreciate your attention to detail and I'm proud to show my new whip to everyone.  I also appreciate your taking the time to help me with direction.  Since my whip was delivered, I've barely put it down...in fact, with a little practice...and sticking to the rules of cracking, the nylon whip I purchased from you is amazingly accurate.  I'll definitely be a repeat buyer...anyone who reads this should know that they can buy with confidence...as I'm certain an Alpine whip will exceed their expectations.  BTW, this whip sounds like a large caliber pistol when it's cracked properly...you hear a crack, then wow from the onlookers.

Bill in South Texas
4,000+ acre cattle ranch 

Thank for the awesome whip Leif. The whip is working wonderfully for me, I have learned a few tricks and have become quite accurate with this skilfully crafted work art. I don't believe I have owned a nicer whip. With proper care this "Alpine Dream" whip will last me a very long time. Every time I have a chance to get it out, it is a pure joy to use. I use is quite frequently working my livestock and recreational use. I plan to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into my whip.


     Eric Shiver

Pensacola Florida


I got my whip yesterday and it is exactly what I wanted.  The colors are great and the workmanship and attention to detail are just exceptional.  I have to say the whip will make a great display as well as actually using it.  I am not an experienced whip user, so I have some practice to do as well as breaking the whip in.  I have only played with it a little bit but I am really pleased with how it works so far, and I have already gotten favorable comments from some friends, some whom have never seen a real whip up close before. Everybody wants to try to use it, and then want to know where I got it; I tell them not from around here for sure.

Thanks for a true work of art.

Robert Smithee                                                                                   Lubbock, Texas


 I looked around for a good whip maker and decided  to go with Alpine whips. I received my whips in the mail and they are very nice looking beyond what I expected, and they are very easy to crack and really loud. I'm very satisfied with them and learning new cracks.  Thanks for the quality workmanship.


Hello Leif,

I received the whip and I must say that you are truly a gifted craftsman!  This is now the best whip I own.  Everything about it is perfection.  Accuracy is what  were after, and accuracy is exactly what we got.  The feel is great and it rolls out so smooth! I love the handle strap too.  I hope you took a photo of it. 

Thank you.


My whip arrived this morning.   I'm very pleased about it.   A true work of art!  Now I can start practising ;o)

Thank you, regards,


Hey Leif,

I've had my whips now for a couple weeks and have been loving them.  Its interesting to learn the different feels of stockwhip/snakewhip/bullwhip.  I love the snakewhip's fluidity and the color combo was totally worth the wait.  It's gorgeous and so easy to crack. I love how crazy fast the compact stockwhip is and I can punch an overhead crack out of it that knocks my socks off.  The 12 plaiters are my favorites, though.  They have enough length and fluidity to move like my 8 ft roo hide whips with about 1/10 the weight and stress on my bum shoulder.  You were right about them being very slim and fast, as well.  I can crack them for hours!  (and I do...)  Thanks for the fantastic whips!

David "Davido" Crain 
Heartbeat Artistry 


Got  the whip today! It is amazing its better than I expected it cracks so easily, and it moves like a snake. You did an incredible job. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering from you again. Great whip for the price, absolutely amazing.


Hey Leif,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the 5-foot solid tan Bullwhip I purchased from you in the mail yesterday.  Without exaggerating, I can say I'm really impressed with the quality of the whip and how it handles.  I took it outside in the snow today and spent a good hour attempting a number of cracks and was more that pleased with the results. 

Thanks again and best regards,


 I just wanted to say thank you very much for your bullwhip!  It was truly a work of art, and I am very pleased with it's performance!  You did a wonderful job and I will be recommending you to everyone I know, and I also will be a returning customer!

Thank you,


Hello Again Leif,

It was great to hear from you, and in answer to you question. Yes my bullwhip is holding up well.  It perfectly matched my old whip in length, and handling time. Only real difference was the weight and the paracord being lighter it was much easier to use than my previous one.  It even brought my accuracy from about 1 foot square to within the space of a playing card.

Over the past year your whip has received a lot of use. Given that it's a permanent fixture clipped to my jacket it is no big surprise.

It has been used to wow spectators at medieval events from Smithers to Prince George B.C. It has gone with me on multiple trips into the most remote regions of Northern British Columbia.  On one of these trips I had to use it to get a Black Bear to back of and leave me alone. And more recently it was used in a educational demonstration for a local Private School. Last year I used it to heard cattle on the old Rich Hobson Homestead ( the same property the book " Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy" was written about).

That all being done this last year and its still going strong, and for the first time I need to do maintenance on it other that replacing a Popper.  It will be going with me back to the Homestead next month and California/Nevada/Oregon later this year.

I still give out your business cards and tell every one it's the best whip I own, with the least maintenance required. If and when this one ever wears out I'll be coming back to you for the replacement.

Kindest Regards,

Fraser (Prince George B.C. Canada)  

"Thanks for the great whips!! They are perfect. The craftsmanship is faultless, the pricing was very reasonable and they match the order perfectly. They crack like crazy and your service was superb!!  I'll never buy a whip from another supplier again!! Thanks Alpine Whip Maker!! 

Francois Coetzee, 

Pothchefstroom, South Africa."

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