Alpine Whips

To order your whipmaking DvD call or text: 780-507-9491

This 3 disc DvD set covers all aspects of how you can construct a 6ft nylon standard bullwhip. In it I show you the tools,  materials, and techniques that I use in my every day work.  I give you all my secrets tips and techniques that make the whipmaking process easy for any person to pick up. The film runs for a total of 4.5 hours.

The 3 Disc DvD set is $275 + $15 shipping.

Most of the time I can have your DvDs shipped out within 2-3 days.

Throughout the time I have been selling nylon whips on the web, I have received countless inquires about whipmaking and learning the art.  I have done my best to answer each question and give a knowledgeable answer to help a beginner get a positive start. But I have found that without something to see and copy, talking a person through the whipmaking process can be quite confusing and frustrating.  Because of this, I have noticed a need for a comprehensive instructional nylon whipmaking DvD that takes you from the beginner stages of  whipmaking knowledge, to a point where you can make a high quality nylon bullwhip.